Lingerie! Carelessly undone bathrobes! Silk teddies! (not of the bear sort, unless you're a furry...) Large men squeezed into conventional boxer shorts! Nudity! Flannel so unsexy that it becomes sexy! Why should you be deprived of this (fetishistic) sight?!? It's just not right.

Please presume that all images are NSFW.

News & Updates

Returning yet again, the age old tradition of the ComicGenesis Community, Keenlace is proud to announce its 6th season, starting Valentine's Day! Read the instructions below, and sign up!

We would also be proud to announce that a new site design is in the works for the site- it will be up before the official start date of February 14th.

Submissions Guidelines

Keenlace is a collection of comic characters (male/female/whatever) in their nightwear, underthings or otherwise in dishabille. Pictures range from tame to tempestuous, funny to fell, sweet to sultry...

If you'd like to have an scantly clad character (or two or three) appear here, e-mail the following items to and put the word "keenlace" in the subject heading.

  • Image Link (do not attach the image itself)
  • Creator's Name
  • Comic Name
  • Comic URL

Note that these are supposed to be pinups, not porn. No graphically sexual images please.

Submissions: NOW OPEN

send your submissions in to keenlace AT gmail dot com.

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